Efficient Skip Trace Services in Australia

When you’re involved in a court action and want the process to progress quickly, but the person being served has disappeared, this can cost a lot of time and money. It happens more likely than you think, with people skipping town, changing phone numbers and using different names due to marriage. Sometimes this is purely unintended, and other times it is done on purpose to delay or put off the intended court action. Coastal Mercantile offers professional skip tracing services and can locate any individual for you and then even serve the court documentation if required.

Why you should hire skip tracing experts

Whilst you can attempt to locate a person yourself, the process will involve a lot of hands on work, travel time, research and associated costs. Sometimes, if you don’t know exactly where to look, you will be unsuccessful with your trace. If a person doesn’t want to be found, they will go to great lengths to ensure any trails lead to a dead end. Hiring a company who has been conducting skip tracing in Australia for many years and has extensive experience can provide a number of advantages you simply cannot find on your own.


To undergo a skip trace within Australia, you need a certain degree of man power and resources to complete the task quickly and efficiently. Here at Coastal Mercantile, we possess the industry knowledge and informed methods to best conduct a trace. This could be as simple as knowing which databases to comb through, or involve talking to the right person in the right department depending on the situation. This kind of experience comes from conducting tracing services on a regular basis.

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