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Repossession services for Melbourne businesses

When a company holds a security interest in an asset and the client has stopped making payments, they are then within their rights to recover the asset. However, going about this process without unnecessary complications or legal issues requires competent and professional repossession agents. If the situation is handled poorly, things can escalate quickly and result in legal disputes over trespassing or breaches of privacy. Coastal Mercantile employs a qualified and highly trained team of repo agents and conducts all services with a high standard of professionalism and tact.

Things to consider when choosing repo services

It is vital to ensure your chosen company has all of the correct licensing and insurance needed to conduct a repossession lawfully to prevent any legal backlash from aggravated customers. The repo agents must be familiar with the repossession process as well as local law in the more than likely case that an individual resists their asset being repossessed.

Coastal Mercantile repossession agents are trained to handle any situation

In situations where the owner of an asset, such as a car, becomes disagreeable, our repossession agents are trained to handle the situation professionally and assertively. Our professionals are knowledgeable enough to overcome objections and explain the situation clearly and to the point. This is to avoid accusations of illegal repossession or theft.

Our agents also conduct the repossession process with the utmost consideration for the business they are representing, ensuring that your business remains uninvolved and avoids damaging an existing customer relationship.

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