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Expert debt collection services in Melbourne

For businesses, timely receipt of payments from customers is vital for smooth operations. However, unforeseen circumstances or financial difficulties may hinder some customers from making their payments promptly. While most customers eventually settle their debts, there are persistent cases of non-payment.

Recovering outstanding debts from individuals or businesses can often be a challenging and time-consuming endeavour. In such situations, enlisting the services of professionals can save you significant time and effort. Coastal Mercantile boasts a team of highly skilled debt collection field agents in Melbourne.

What are the benefits of hiring professional debt collectors?

Debt collection can be an arduous and sometimes unsuccessful process, depending on the specific circumstances and the debtor. Small businesses, in particular, may lack the personnel and resources to pursue debtors effectively. Outsourcing these responsibilities to our agency and collection agents, who possess the experience and resources to address your situation efficiently, can offer several advantages.

Our Melbourne debt collection services encompass:

Process Serving

Coastal Mercantile field agents can serve court documents to initiate legal proceedings.


Coastal Mercantile employs expert repossession agents who handle all legal and licensing matters to ensure compliance with regulations.

Field Calls

Approaching debtors for collections, particularly in face-to-face situations, can be intimidating. Engaging a debt collector in such cases can facilitate a reasonable arrangement with the debtor.

Skip Tracing

Attempting to locate your debtor can be challenging. Costal Mercantile offers expert skip-tracing services to help with your debt collection that might be slipping away.


Our field agents are available to assist with securing assets and ensuring keys are left as per your preferences.

Is hiring debt collection services worth it?

While it’s possible to manage debt collection activities in-house, this approach often entails diverting your employees’ time to handle field calls regularly. Alternatively, you could consider establishing a dedicated, in-house debt collection team. However, for businesses with occasional late or unpaid customers, hiring an agency can prove more cost-effective.

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Our comprehensive debt collection services provide assistance at every stage of dealing with challenging customers. We maintain open communication lines, ensuring clients are informed of their case’s progress. Legal matters within debt collection can be complex, but with our professional team’s assistance, you can navigate them confidently.

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