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Efficient skip tracing services for Melbourne businesses

When you’re stuck in a legal tangle and need things to move fast, it can be a real headache if the person you’re dealing with has vanished. This happens more often than you’d think – people skipping town, changing phone numbers, or using different names.

Sometimes it’s accidental, but sometimes it’s intentional, a way to delay or avoid legal actions. That’s where Coastal Mercantile comes in with our expert skip tracing services. We can track down those elusive individuals and, if needed, help serve them with court documents.

What are the benefits of hiring our skip tracing experts?

While you could try to find someone on your own, it’s a lot of legwork, travel, research, and costs. And if you’re unsure where to start looking, your search may hit a dead end. When someone doesn’t want to be found, they can go to great lengths to cover their tracks.

Hiring a company with years of experience in skip tracing in Australia brings some advantages you won’t get on your own. Skip tracers have access to various resources, including:

Public resources

They dig into public records like credit reports, job applications, utility bills, and even criminal records to track down leads. Checking these sources gives a broader view of recent activities, increasing the chances of finding the person.


If public resources fail, skip tracers talk to anyone who might know the person – family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, and so on.

Social media

In the current digital climate, agents might consider checking their social media activity including when they last posted and what they posted, as well as who they have interacted with most recently.

What happens after we locate the person?

Once the debtor is located, all pertinent information, such as their current address, contact details and wherever they regularly visit, is compiled into a profile and document. Debt collectors will then contact the individual or meet them face-to-face to inform them of their outstanding debt that needs to be paid.

Do skip tracing services follow regulations?

Skip tracing is essential for many businesses and organisations dealing with debtors. As such, skip tracing services ensure to follow all legal and ethical standards so that every process is handled in a lawful manner.

At Coastal Mercantile, we have the know-how to do it right

To undergo a skip trace within Australia, you need the right skills and resources to get it done quickly and effectively. At Coastal Mercantile, we possess the industry knowledge and methods to best conduct a trace. This could be as simple as knowing which databases to comb through or knowing the right person to talk to depending on the situation.

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